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Some people prefer to mix a vacation that is filled up with cultural experience with sunny beaches. If you one of these folks then Odessa is definitely your destination. There are a lot of points of interest and at the same time you can dive into the waters of Black sea. Being a great resort the city might offer a stranger somewhere from the West a lot of opportunities to meet perfect ladies from all the parts of Ukraine because it is the most popular destination in summer for them. What could this pearl of Ukrainian south offer?

As it has been mentioned there are a lot of beaches there and almost all of them are free to visit. Of course you can buy an entrance to the best shores out there and enjoy the company of the most beautiful ladies who are coming there only to show off and to meet some good men. That is why if you are in Ukraine then you definitely have to visit the sea in Odessa because you will definitely find a girl there and maybe she will become your wife in some time. Beaches of that city are the best place to catch up somebody not only because there are plenty of women all over Ukraine but also due to the relaxing atmosphere. Nobody comes in Odessa to sit quietly and wait for something. Everybody wants to take everything from life so the girls are partying all day long and there is no way you can avoid many pleasant meetings.

If you are not a huge fan of such things as sea and sun then you can go for a walk in many parks across the city. You can find there a lot of ladies who are chilling under the sun and they will be happy to join you because there is no a thing more curious for them then the foreigner who is walking in Odessa. You might simply ask them for some directions and in a minute these beauties will accompany you. That is why it is a good idea to be prepared for the picnic before visiting the park. This way you will be able to join one of the majority girls groups sitting across the park. You might ask why they want some guy from Europe or the US to join them. The answer is pretty obvious – there is a huge opportunity they have never seen someone from abroad in their entire life so it is your opportunity to act.

If you finally find the girl you like in Odessa the reasonable problem will be how to spend a great time with her in that city. On this occasion you can visit one of the money restaurants across the promenade that might offer you not only good and fresh food but also staggering views. Your date would love to visit such a place so if you do everything all right you will both end that evening somewhere in the cozy room. That is one more point for Odessa as your destination because the local hotels might offer you great apartments for a little price. This way you are able not only to meet a lot of beauties but also spend some time with them in privacy for an adequate price.

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Of course not all the places in Odessa are very cheap but they definitely will cost you less than a restaurant in Vienna or Paris. Moreover if you are a fan of art then you definitely have to visit the Opera House there which is not worse than Paris Opera or Milan one. Again the price of tickets will be much less than in Europe however the quality of performance is the same. Your girlfriend would love to go to such place with you so if you have no idea where to spend a great evening then you can excite her and buy two tickets for the opera.


All in all, in Odessa you will definitely have a lot of opportunities to spend your time amazingly. There are a lot of beautiful girls who are in the best shape due to the beach season. You will be able not only to choose the one you love but also to spend time with her excellently. It might be one of the restaurants on the seaside or even an overwhelming performance in the Opera House. So it is up to you to decide how Odessa will remain in your memory but it will definitely leave great memories and maybe a new partner of yours.

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