Use your competition to your benefit

When you decide to start dating online you have the opportunity to choose your one and only from thousands of thousands of Ukrainian ladies. But so do the girls. In this case you need to act in a certain way in order to be noticed from hundreds other guys like you. But here goes the big question: how to do that? The solution to this problem actually comes from business theory. When you’re going to open some new firm, you need to study the competitors, because the so-called marketing research will provide you with some useful knowledge. The same technique can be applied to you and you competition.

The first part of such business theory is to study your competitors. Pick some profiles of other men and study them. Judging by the information given there you, first of all, are facing directly what and who you are dealing with; and as people say when you are informed you are prepared. Besides, this information might be helpful when you’ve just started this dating thing. You can see how most of the profiles are organized and create your own, but in more creative and personal way. The key is not to 100% copy the others, after all, you task is to stand out and not to assimilate.

The second useful tip will be to know what other people think about your competitors. For instance, when you are chatting with some perfect girl from Ukraine and suddenly she starts talking about her previous boyfriends and the reasons why their relationships ended. In this case do not sound like a jerk and pretend to be bored or not caring. You need to use this knowledge in order to understand what your date wants and want she doesn’t in order not to make the same mistake, but this time yourself. After all, the previous relationships are called previous because they happened in the past and actually ended, so knowing why it happened will give you some certain points ahead of all the other men searching for their right ones.

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The third step is to use the missing opportunities. After analyzing your competitors you will get the full picture of all the so-called in the theory of business ‘other products’ on the market. By doing this you can notice some points which are missing and use them to your advantage. For example, a lot of men try to sound cool and strong in their profiles. Nobody says that you shouldn’t do that as well, but adding some personal and in a way vulnerable parts will make a lot of women noticing you and actually interested in these parts of you personality. Ukrainian woman are tired of clichéd gigolos, so showing to them that you actually have some weak parts will do you no harm.


The fourth and in many cases one of the most important and hardest things is to actually respect your competitors. First of all, they are the same guys as you who want to find the right ones. Second of all, if you think that abusing and mocking your competitors in front of your date will put you the right color on you is totally wrong. Bullying others shows that you have no respect for people and this kind of trait your girl from Ukraine will not tolerate. You need to keep in mind that by showing respect to other not-so-very-lucky guys, you show that you are a grown-up and self-confident man, and when you date sees that you will be surprised by the amount of appreciation and desire that you will get from her.

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