Learn how to check that the woman's interest is genuine

When you are dating the woman of your dreams it is natural to want to be sure that she is really interested in you. But how to do that and not to spoil all the romantic atmosphere that is in the air? This is the question that many men ask when they want to start being serious with Ukrainian ladies. Here are some tips that you might find useful while answering this question of all times.

First of all, you need to remember that women and men show their emotions in totally different ways and they react differently in completely the same situations. So, in this case if you really want to understand if your one and only is truly into you, you need to think differently and analyze such details that you as a man always interpret as unreasonable, because everything that a woman does, when it comes to her man and the relations, has a certain reason.

So, the first thing that you need to analyze is her body language and eye contact in specifics. But do not expect here that if she is really into you, you lady from Ukraine will stare at you for many hours without blinking. Most likely, she will hold the eye contact only for two seconds and that’s enough. Some of the women might have rather unfocused gaze, do not interpret it as if she is insane, in most cases this means that she is relaxed and really like to be around you. If you want to check whether she is truly interested, test her. Make eye contact with her, but only for some seconds, after that check if she reinitiates the contact. When she does, you can be perfectly sure that she really likes you and want to spend more time with you.

The second part of body language that you can take as a sure sign of her genuine interest is touch. We all need to be touched, of course not by every stranger, but it is vital when it comes to the people that we love. The reason for that comes from your childhood, because the baby needs his mother’s touch so much that it can actually die without it. So, as far as the significance is cleared, let’s move on to some specifics and practical points for you to use as some markers of Ukrainian lady’s interest. Try to notice if she touches herself while talking to you or listening to what you are saying. Gently or methodically stroking her hair can be a sign that she likes you.

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One more thing connected with touch is when you touch the girl. Try to analyze the way she reacts in this situation, if she seems to like it and even reinitiates the touch herself, she is definitely into you. However, when you slightly touch her hand or shoulder and she inches, this is no good, because her body language screams of the fact that she doesn’t like you at all. Here is one test, that can help you easy detect whether she likes being touched by you or not. Give you woman from Ukraine high five, say, when you win something or something common to you two happens. If she reacts in a positive way and answers to your high five, you can easily interpret it as the sign of her likeliness for you.


When it comes to body language, all our hidden motives can be easily displayed, because it is something that we do without noticing it. So, analyze your future bride’s behavior when she is with you and you will have a slight idea of what is going on in that beautiful mind of hers. Another sure sign is when she is wetting or biting her lips, nothing can be more screaming of the fact that she is interested in you. The lips thing can be also part of her flirting with you and flirting doesn’t always mean genuine interest, so be careful with that. However, the proximity part and distance can be very helpful, because when Ukrainian girls do not like their partners, they unwillingly try to stay as far from the men as possible. So if she tries to be closer to you in the direct sense, she might actually be into you for real. After all you cannot trick your body.

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