Search for your dream woman at the right places and avoid the wrong ones

If you ever wondered whether you are going to find the right girl for you then you must have thought over and over again where to do that. The first thing that comes to mind while thinking about where to meet Ukrainian woman is at a bar or party. Surely, this seems to be the right place, however, even after perfectly spending the evening with the girl, she still refuses to continue you acquaintance. The reason for that is that many women and girls from Ukraine feel rather insecure and defensive when it comes to bars and parties, so if you really want to meet the girl of your dreams, here are some places where you might have slightly higher chances to actually continue your flirt to the date level.

The first place where you have more chances to actually be noticed is at hardware stores. No kidding. First of all, when a woman meets a man at hardware store it means that the man is actually interested in such kind of things, and even if not, at least he is trying to and women from Ukraine do love when men can do the DIY things. Second of all, when a woman is at such kind of stores most likely she has no idea what she is searching for, she might be here because she is single and has nobody who can fix her coffee table. This gives you a perfect opportunity to start a conversation, offer her some help and you will definitely be noticed. Of course nobody guarantees that she will invite you to her place right away to fix that poor piece of furniture, but who knows, maybe, it is the beginning of something new and romantic.


The second unexpected place is at some hobby classes. Yoga, squash, reading club, it can be anything. The reason why it is one of the places on the list is because Ukrainian ladies go here to relax and enjoy, she is calm, happy because she is going to do what she likes and definitely is not on the defensive because she doesn’t expect to meet the guy of her dreams there, and this is where you come in. You can choose the place where your favorite hobby is the key, in that case you will have an opportunity to express yourself and again be noticed. Or you can choose something new for you, women always love the newcomers, especially if it is a male new one. But keep in mind that you don’t have to push yourself too far, say, if you find English literature boring, don’t go to the reader’s club. Most likely you will be noticed here, but not as a handsome newbie but as a jerk.

Besides, going to such places as hobby classes can provide you with a perfect idea for your future date together. These places help the women to see your personality, interests and views. And what’s more, the fact that she is there too means that she shares your interests and that means that you have something in common. What is the better idea to start the conversation then talking about something that you like or are interested in? The atmosphere here is rather friendly, so your perfect future date can be very happy to meet you in such circumstances.

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One more place to meet a woman is at the grocery store. Who doesn’t go there? The idea of meeting at the grocery store is that you do this during your usual routine. It means that ladies do not expect to be picked up there, so their defenses are at low, which gives you much more chances to catch her off guard and quickly jump into her routine thing such as shopping.

All you have to do is to remember one thing: if you want to be noticed by the Ukrainian lady, you need to be creative. So, while other men waste their time worthlessly chasing girls in the clubs during the night, you can easily meet the perfect girl during the date, at the place where she will not expect some gigolo to appear, so the chances of actually making a good first impression and contact with her are higher at the usual and routine places where you go every day.

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