Find out what is the biggest turn-off for Ukrainian women in their relationship with western men

Dating online with on if the single woman from Ukraine can definitely have hundreds of advantages, for ones there is a very good reason why many people consider Slavic girls and women one of the most beautiful in the whole world. However, when it comes to actually dating or even simply talking there might arise some certain difficulties, one of which is the so-called turn-offs. Here are the biggest mistakes that men can do when courting girls from Ukraine and how to avoid them.

The first thing that nobody likes and it actually goes both to men and women all over the world is over drunkenness. Of course when you go out a couple of glasses of wine can help you to relax and avoid the awkwardness and nervousness, but when a man drinks a lot, he starts to behave like a dumb caveman, he can hardly turn any lady on. Besides, men in Ukraine are well known for their constant drinking habits, so if she really wanted to date with such kind of man, she would probably stay in her own country. So you have to keep in mind that it is highly recommended not to drink a lot on the first and actually on most of the rest dates further on, because it is truly considered the number one turn-off for single ladies from Ukraine.

Another thing that has a NO tag on it is dirty dancing. Yes, we all have seen the movie, but unless you are Patrick Swayze, this kind of activity and showing yourself will definitely do you no good. The reason why many girls and women do not like dirty dancing (in real life, not the movie) is because it is very dirty, and yes, there is no other word for it, except for maybe inappropriate. Your date might be shy or doesn’t do the dancing thing at all, so by treating her like she is some sort of a stripper or X-pole, you push her as further away from you as possible. The dancing should be nice, pleasant and romantic. One more point: if you do not know how to dance at all, don’t try to pull your best, because it won’t work and make both of you rather uncomfortable.

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One more turn-off for many Ukrainian ladies is you having a Bluetooth in your ear. When you are on a date, NEVER on Earth put it on, because otherwise you will be like the biggest bastard on the planet. Imagine the situation when you are talking to somebody, somebody that you actually like, and suddenly he or she starts to talk and not to you but to his business partner in Monaco. You will most definitely feel wounded and not important, the same things happen to the girls when their men use this devilish device. Remember one thing, when you are on a date, there is nothing more important in the world than your girl. So, cancel your plans for the evening, if you are expecting some god-only-knows-how-important message or call, apologize to you date and if she agrees answer, but do not wear the Bluetooth in your ear.

The fourth NO that you have to keep in mind on your date is bad pick-up lines. Starting your conversation with something like ‘Hello angel, where are your wings?’ is the dumbest thing you can make up in your mind. If you really want to impress the girl from Ukraine, use her personality and complement it, this is the greatest way to start a conversation, because it shows to her that you have imagination and actually notice her and her little things to like.


Swearing is also one of the things that you need to get rid of. Seriously, if you want to find a lady, then act like a gentleman and gentlemen do not swear, not in public, not at home, not ever. If you are thinking that using some dirty word can make you cooler, you are totally mistaken. Most of Ukrainian girls and women will find it really irrespective of them and will quickly try to get away from you as far as possible. Use the usual words, make complements, that’s what a girl wants and needs in order to be turned on.

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